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About us

Saber Direito is an institution created to support the non-German-speaking community through legal advice and referrals, with the aim of improving the quality of life and integration of individuals and their families in Switzerland. Founded in 2015, Saber Direito provides these people with knowledge of their rights and obligations through lectures and individual assistance.

Fernanda Pontes

Fernanda Pontes is a lawyer in Switzerland, Portugal and Brazil and is the creator and co-founder of Saber Direito. She is a member of the Brazilian and Portuguese Bar Associations and of the list of lawyers in the canton of Zurich. She is a leading specialist in family and inheritance law in international matters and has extensive experience in legal matters involving immigrants in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In Brazil, she was a professor at Estácio de Sá University and at various preparatory courses for the OAB exam.

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Stephan Clavadetscher

Stephan is a business and financial consultant with experience in the Swiss and Brazilian markets. He has worked for NGOs and foundations in the professional and social integration sector. He is a co-founder of Saber Direito and a member of its board of directors.

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